HemoTreat – Innovative in Orlando, Florida, USA

After the exhibition in Miami, we were bombarded with requests to introduce our product in American pharmacies.

We responded to these requests by inviting pharmacy chains representatives in Orlando, Florida to present them the benefits of our product and future collaboration methods.

Allow me to start with a question:
How many of your family members or acquaintances suffer from hemorrhoids disease?

There are many people…

This confirms the statistics that show over 50% of Americans suffer from some sort of hemorrhoids disease until they reach the age of 50.

I am Rob and together with my athlete sister, we present you a new treatment that requires no prescription from the doctor and it is efficient, it increases your profitability and gives you a competitive advantage. This treatment is HemoTreat – the newest and most innovative ointment for hemorrhoids, proven for its fast, effective and long lasting results.

HemoTreat treats hemorrhoids disease, relieves pain from the first application. Unlike major brands, we are so confident in our product that we guarantee the treatment’s outcome.